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Generic Name : Latisse Brand Name : Bimat
Strength(s) : 0.03% - 3ml Expiry : 2019
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Have you ever experienced too less hair on your eye lashes? Did you ever give importance to it? Many people have very thin eye lashes and they still neglect it. It should be neglected as there are chances that you will lose your eye lashes completely. So in order to protect your eye lashes from becoming thing and short you should start the treatment immediately. The most prescribed and widely used treatment for eye lash growth is bimatoprost.

Bimat was manufactured from the side effect of another medicine. The same pharmaceutical company which manufactured glaucoma has also manufactured another medicine Lumigan for treating Glaucoma. Bimat was very effective in treating open angle glaucoma but it had a side effect like the person who uses bimat see a growth in their eye lashes. So bimat is already proven to be effective. You can use Bimat for glaucoma treatment but only after talking to the doctor.

Action mechanism of Latisse

When you apply this Bimat to the eye lashes then the medicine starts working on the roots of the eye lashes and the eye lashes grow naturally. Just applying the medicine to the upper eye lash will help in the growth of eye lashes.

Use the medicine as per the direction of the doctor and do not use as per your wish or if someone is suggesting you. Always talk to the doctor before using the medicine Latisse bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is the active ingredient in this medicine and that helps in the growth of the eye lashes effectively.

The eye lashes grow from the roots and they are permanent growth so you can use this medicine with confidence. And now you don’t have to go for fake eye lashes or some cosmetics for the treatment of eye lash hair fall.Bimat is proven to be effective by many users and the most common drug prescribed by the doctor is Bimat.

Precautions before using buy Latisse

Here is the list of precautions to be followed when using Latisse bimatoprost:

  • Talk to the doctor if you are using any other medicine for treating eye lashes problem.
  • If you want to use Bimat for glaucoma treatment then talk to the doctor as there is another form of this medicine available for treating this eye disorder.
  • Do not use Latisse bimatoprost if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of Latisse bimatoprost especially bimatoprost.
  • Check with the doctor for the list of medicines that can be used along with bimat bimatoprost.
  • Remove contact lenses before you bimat.
  • Do not touch the applicator of Latisse bimatoprost directly with your hands.
  • Dispose the applicator after one single use.
  • Use Latisse bimatoprost only on the upper eye lash and the medicine will spread automatically to the lower eye lash as well.
  • Talk to the doctor about all the other medicine that you are using including herbal and nutritional supplements

Benefits of using Latisse

  • Latisse bimatoprost can be used for the growth of eye lashes naturally.
  • Doctor sometimes prefers Bimat for glaucoma treatment as well.
  • Latisse is the first eye lash serum approved by FDA
  • Bimat is a non prescription medicine and you can buy Latisse without prescription from any online store.

Possible side effects of Latisse

Normally side effects are seen in those patients who do not follow the instructions given by the doctor or who have not explained their health history completely to the doctor. When you are being prescribed any new medicine then talk to the doctor about health history. And in some conditions few mild side effects are seen for the first few usages of this medicine and they disappear as soon as the effect of the medicine comes down and they fade away after few uses of lash growth serum bimatoprost.

Here is the list of side effects of Latisse bimatoprost :

  • sensitivity to light
  • redness or swelling of the eyelid
  • pink eye
  • itchy eyes
  • headaches
  • eye tearing
  • eye pain or irritation
  • dry eyes
  • burning eyes

Dosage and administration information about Bimat

The best time to apply Bimat is to apply it in the evening before going to bed. Just apply on the upper eye lash and it would spread to the lower eye lash as well but apply it using the applicator only. Do not apply bimatoprost using your fingers or any other means. Bimat has to be used just once in a day or as per the instructions of the doctor. Do not make any changes to the dose of the medicine as it can be dangerous to your eye sight.

Keep the eyelash enhancer away from kids and pregnant women. Store it in cool and dry place but away from moisture. It has to be stored in a tight container and away from direct heat and sun light.

You can easily Buy Latisse online as this is available at any online drug store. But before you buy Latisse without prescription or buy Latisse online check with the doctor and also check the details of the online drug store.

You can order Latisse 0.03% by just filling the online form to buy Latisse online. When you order Latisse 0.03% then you will get a lot of discounts as these online drug stores sell the medicine at a very lower price. So order Latisse 0.03% only from a reliable and licensed online drug store which sells just the original drugs and do not cause any effect to the body. Check the reviews of the drug store where you want to you buy Latisse without prescription. Also talk to the people who have experience in making purchase at a online drug store.

It is always a good option to talk to the doctor even if you can you buy Latisse without prescription. Do not go with your friends or colleagues suggestions.

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